6ft timber picnic bench, MCD picnic benches Dublin Ireland
wooden garden benches for sale. Heavy duty garden bench.
wooden garden benches for sale. Heavy duty garden bench.
wooden garden benches for sale. Heavy duty garden bench.
wooden garden benches for sale. Heavy duty garden bench.
wooden garden benches for sale. Heavy duty garden bench.
6ft timber picnic bench, MCD picnic benches Dublin Ireland
wooden garden benches for sale. Heavy duty garden bench.
wooden garden benches for sale. Heavy duty garden bench.
wooden garden benches for sale. Heavy duty garden bench.
wooden garden benches for sale. Heavy duty garden bench.
wooden garden benches for sale. Heavy duty garden bench.

Picnic Bench 6ft

Timber Picnic Bench 6ft perfect for 8 people.

Heavy duty picnic bench built with Scandinavian pressure treated timber is perfect for outside use. MCD garden benches are perfect for gardens, parks, picnic areas, public areas, pubs, restaurants, festival and events. These are high quality, robust and sturdy picnic benches that are made to stand the test of time and resist Irish weather. Comes with centre hole for parasol.

Available Sizes: 5ft, 6ft 8ft (check the price by changing the size below)

As all our timber products are handmade in Dublin workshop we can make changes and customize your bench to suit your needs. Delivery time 4-5 days (up to 2 weeks during peak season)Delivery options: Free instore collection flatpack or fully assembled. Delivered on the pallet, fully assembled (please check delivery cost) Please note that all our timber products are 100% hand made, build in Ireland. This is NOT an import from China contact us directly 0831338883

MCD Garden sheds delivery Dublin Ireland

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  • 5ft - Perfect for 6 people
  • 6ft - Perfect for 8 people
  • 8ft - Perfect for 10 people
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8 reasons Why MCD Sheds Are Best in IRELAND

MCD Garden sheds Naul, Dublin, Ireland

Pressure Treated Scandinavian Timber

100% Scandinavian timber Scandinavian timber is a lot different from native UK/Irish timber in terms of it’s quality & strength. Local timber is a far lower quality because it’s younger (generally 3-5 years as opposed to a min 15 years from Scandinavian), it’s therefore very soft (which means it will rot quite quickly, it’s like a sponge!!) + there are a large amount of knots in native timber which obviously weaken the timber and garden sheds. All our timber is all planed again throughout (in the sawmill) it means that the timber is smooth. This is not just good for handling purposes but also because it’s smooth it will not absorb water into it unlike rough timer will. Rough timber as mentioned above will act like a sponge and absorb moisture/rain water etc. whereas the rain water will usually just run off the planed shiplap boards.

Bespoke Garden Sheds Treated Timber sheds

Timber Thickness

The shiplap boards we use are 23.5mm thick, with a planed finish of 18-19mm. Normally the shiplap used by most other sellers is only 12/13mm. Also our shiplap board are interlocking board and not t&g (tongue & groove). 12/13mm boards are always t&g as they are not strong enough to interlock. Our boards are very strong and come with the shiplap edge for water to run off.

The framing on all of our garden buildings is 36x75mm throughout with a smooth planed finish (floor, all panels, roof). This is pretty much unrivalled. As a result our sheds are definitely the strongest on the market. Many of our competitors use only 32x35mm, so ours is over double the thickness. All of our framing timber is fully pressure treated. The flooring on all our sheds is similar to the shiplap (23.5mm boards, planed to 18 - 19mm) and is also an interlocking board. It has a unique design which we came up with for strength. As we use Scandinavian timber throughout the thickness and strength are the best around.

Shed wooden treated floor boards

Timber Floor

Every MCD garden building comes with a timber floor included. The floor is made up of our 75mm x 36mm pressure treated framing timber turned on its end so the actual floorboards sit 75mm up off the floor. The floor is then sheeted with 18/19mm planed real timber floor boards, these are also pressure treated and give a fantastic finish and amazing strength. All floors are framed all the way around the outside for extra strength and to block debris from blowing under your shed. We also sit a support every 2ft running from gable to gable so the floor is well supported and has no flex. We can upgrade the amount of floor runners for very heavy equipment or add extra timber bearers to lift the whole floor further off the ground. Please contact us for prices and information on this. We can also supply a floor plan so you can build a base to the exact dimensions of your new garden building floor.

Premium Garden Sheds Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

The roofing on all of our sheds are box-profile metal. Box profile is industrial strength as opposed to corrugated steel, etc. Box profile is the sheeting you would find on industrial units and ours is always in a slate grey colour. We also fit a metal ridge cap on the very top of all garden sheds and sheets & ridges are screwed down with 38mm roofing screws.

Note: majority of garden sheds on the market have mineral felt roofs. Felt is actually an underlay material and therefore is only a temporary material with a limited lifespan when exposed in the elements. Generally it will wear and tear allowing water to get into the timber in the shed. Once water gets into the shed, no matter how good the shed is, it will now rot!

Bespoke Garden Sheds Acrylic Windows with opening

Acrylic Windows

The windows on all of our sheds are acrylic. Acrylic is 17 times stronger, clearer and safer than glass, also unlike perspex it doesn’t discolour. Generally on sheds, the window size is 2ft square, however we can do different sizes and some models might have a different size (i.e. 6ft wide chalets & lodges). Doors with windows in them are also made using acrylic and we can do varies designs and custom builds. Our garden sheds come with one or two windows as standard, if you require more windows please contact us for a bespoke quote.

Internal Lining for MCD garden Shed

Internal Lining

The interior of all MCD garden buildings (roof, gables and sidewalls) are all lined with a breathable membrane to protect from damp & condensation. Most garden sheds are not lined at all and sometimes if you read the small print on shed brochures it will read that they are not suitable for storage purposes! Other sellers that may line the sheds usually charge extra, this is normally advertised as a vapour barrier but is actually a plastic sheet and this in fact makes the shed sweat more, resulting in damp, rot & mould issues in a very short time of owning your new shed. Our lining is white in colour and it looks good & keeps the sheds bright inside. The membrane works by absorbing any moisture and will retain it until the temperature rises and moisture dissipates naturally.

MCD garden sheds Ireland Galvanized Nails

Galvanised Nails & Screws

All shed panels are nailed in the workshop using coil nail guns and most importantly using Hot-Dipped Galvanised Nails. This means the nails are properly galvanised as opposed to coated or zinc coated galvanised nails, or nails not even galvanised at all. Those inferior nails will ultimately leave streak marks on the shed panels, this is because they are rusting (not suitable for external use) which means the timber will generally then rot or crack around the rusting nails. In terms of hinges and pad-bolts, etc. again we use proper galvanised goods. We use 300mm Tee Hinges on all doors and all sheds are supplied with a lockable pad-bolt.

On assembly, the sheds will be screwed together (5.0x70mm wood screws). All competitors recommend nailing the panels together on assembly, however the advantages of screwing the panels together are that: The sheds can be disassembled (easily) if ever needed to. Sheds that are nailed are very difficult to disassemble and re-erect as the timbers get damaged when taking the panels apart and rarely go back in one piece. Nails also rust and as mentioned above, the timber surrounding the rusty nail will then split and rot.

MCD Garden Sheds Nationwide Delivery and Installation

Delivery & Installation

We offer delivery and installation to the whole of the Ireland. If you are looking for a delivery and installation quote please contact us directly: 

Call: 01 841 9976

Email: sales@mcdgardensheds.ie

5ft, 6ft and 8ft
770mm Top
1530mm Top + seats
160x40mm thick
Pressure Treated 75x36mm
10 years anti-rot
Made in Ireland
In Store collection - flat pack or fully assembled
Sent on the pallet - flat pack or fully assembled (check price)
Bench 6

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