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A place to Work...Play...Lounge...Relax...

Our Garden Rooms are your blank canvas! Turn it into your home office...or your home bar, a games room or gym! The options for your room are unlimited!

Our eco-friendly garden rooms are built with high-grade materials, all responsibly sourced and manufactured in-house at our factory in Dublin.

The motto of MCD is Built to Last, and our Garden rooms are no different! Generally, our rooms are excluded from planning permission. So all you need to do is sit back and relax in your new space. 

Once you choose a style, think of the size you would like, then give our team a call! We have two Dublin showrooms, that we would love to welcome you to browse in! 

Our 4.8-star rating on Google and placement in Woodies nationwide shows the quality of our builds! 

Step One: Choose your style

In our range of Garden Rooms, we have two roof styles and two room styles. 

Pent Cabin

Pent Roof is higher on one side than the other, It slopes back by 5 degrees. This is our most common room style, ideal for offices!  

Pent Combo

The combo is a unique offering, pairing the room with a separated shed. The shed has it's own door. Commonly used for Home Bars, with storage area! 

Apex Cabin

This is a traditional style roof, commonly known as the A shaped roof, it is taller inside as standard, ideal for a home Gym or lounge.

Apex Combo

We love the Apex Combo, it allows you to have additional height with the roof pitch. This is always handy for the combo side of the room, especially for hanging tools! 

Step Two: Choose your package

There are two packages we currently offer. A bronze package leaves your with a blank canvas, ready to finish the interior as you dream of it! The silver package is turn key, it includes almost everything you could want in your build! 

Bronze Package

Starting From €5469

€4919 . 00


Typically known as a builder's finsih
  • Reinforced Flooring
  • Insulation – Floor Only
  • External Steel Skirting
  • Guttering
  • Fascia
  • uPVC Double Door
  • uPVC Windows
  • Internal Timber Skirting
  • Internal TGV
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Full Electrics

Silver Package

Starting From €8899

€7999 . 00


A turnkey finish ready for use
  • Reinforced Flooring
  • Insulation – Full
  • External Steel Skirting
  • Guttering
  • Fascia
  • uPVC Double Door
  • uPVC Windows
  • Internal TGV
  • Internal Timber Skirting
  • Laminate Flooring
  • Full Electrics

Step Three: Discover our pricing
Get 10% off price below for June!

Click on the tables below to discover our pricing for both packages, in all the sizing we have available. 

Roof style does not affect the price, so simply choose your size, package and contact the team!

Size 8ft Width 10ft Width 12ft Width 14ft Width 16ft Width
8ft Depth €5,469 €6,299 €7,149 €8,969 €9,969
10ft Depth €5,869 €6,799 €7,649 €9,629 €10,729
12ft Depth €7,049 €7,899 €9,069 €11,349 €12,599
14ft Depth €7,749 €8,599 €9,899 €12,469 €13,869
16ft Depth €8,029 €8,929 €10,269 €12,949 €14,399
18ft Depth €8,599 €9,599 €11,199 €14,229 €15,799
20ft Depth €9,449 €10,569 €12,029 €15,099 €16,729
22ft Depth €10,229 €11,349 €12,869 €16,199 €17,969
24ft Depth €10,469 €11,729 €13,549 €17,129 €19,049
26ft Depth €11,729 €13,549 €15,749 €18,269 €20,369
28ft Depth €12,399 €14,369 €16,729 €19,429 €21,669
30ft Depth €13,029 €15,129 €17,699 €20,569 €22,999
32ft Depth €13,699 €15,929 €18,669 €21,699 €24,299
Size 8ft Width 10ft Width 12ft Width 14ft Width 16ft Width
12ft Depth €7,099 €7,969 €9,329 €11,729 €12,969
14ft Depth €7,769 €8,729 €10,149 €12,869 €14,229
16ft Depth €8,599 €9,569 €11,069 €13,899 €15,269
18ft Depth €9,199 €10,269 €12,029 €15,169 €16,729
20ft Depth €9,499 €10,669 €12,269 €15,469 €17,099
22ft Depth €10,199 €11,399 €13,029 €16,499 €18,199
24ft Depth €10,469 €11,799 €13,729 €17,429 €19,329
26ft Depth €12,269 €14,149 €16,499 €19,149 €21,199
28ft Depth €12,929 €14,949 €17,469 €20,299 €22,499
30ft Depth €13,569 €15,729 €18,429 €21,429 €23,769
32ft Depth €14,249 €16,549 €19,399 €22,569 €25,099
Size 8ft Width 10ft Width 12ft Width 14ft Width 16ft Width
8ft Depth €8,899 €10,229 €11,549 €13,999 €15,499
10ft Depth €9,829 €11,299 €12,929 €15,499 €17,369
12ft Depth €11,469 €13,169 €15,069 €18,229 €20,249
14ft Depth €12,769 €14,499 €16,749 €20,169 €22,569
16ft Depth €13,549 €15,549 €17,849 €21,599 €24,169
18ft Depth €14,599 €16,849 €19,669 €23,899 €26,599
20ft Depth €16,069 €18,399 €21,169 €25,599 €28,599
22ft Depth €17,329 €19,929 €22,869 €27,669 €30,899
24ft Depth €18,099 €20,929 €24,299 €29,469 €32,969
26ft Depth €19,949 €23,469 €27,369 €31,569 €35,369
28ft Depth €21,069 €24,869 €29,069 €33,569 €37,669
30ft Depth €22,229 €26,249 €30,869 €35,699 €39,969
32ft Depth €23,529 €27,799 €32,549 €37,699 €42,229
Size 8ft Width 10ft Width 12ft Width 14ft Width 16ft Width
12ft Depth €10,549 €11,929 €13,729 €16,769 €18,569
14ft Depth €11,699 €13,229 €15,399 €18,749 €20,799
16ft Depth €13,029 €14,849 €17,069 €20,749 €22,969
18ft Depth €14,249 €16,149 €18,869 €22,869 €25,329
20ft Depth €14,999 €17,299 €19,849 €24,149 €26,799
22ft Depth €15,729 €17,999 €20,629 €25,169 €27,949
24ft Depth €16,499 €18,999 €22,169 €27,099 €30,149
26ft Depth €18,899 €21,969 €25,669 €29,649 €32,969
28ft Depth €20,069 €23,529 €27,469 €31,769 €35,369
30ft Depth €21,169 €24,929 €29,169 €33,769 €37,669
32ft Depth €22,469 €26,429 €30,969 €35,869 €40,069

Step Four: Contact the team

Speak with the team to discuss your order! You can place your order with as little as 20% deposit!

Bring your Garden to life with
an MCD Garden Room

Choose from sizes up to 32ft x 16ft in four different styles! 

Bespoke Desgin

Choose engineered designs drawn with comfort and luxury in mind 

AutoCAD Drawings

We have an on site AutoCAD technician bringing each building to life with realistic renders.

One Stop Show

We do it all, from assembling to room, to fitting the windows and finishing the wiring! No need for anybody else.

Your Garden Room is built to last with quality in mind

TGV Timber

As standard, Garden Rooms are finished using TGV timber boards. TGV is the perfect natural finish to any room, creating a glowing warm feel to any cabin!

Windows & Doors

We fit Weatherglaze double glazed Windows and Doors. The frames are designed using 75mm reinforced uPVC. Giving our window and door structures a U Value between 0.9 and 1.1. Ensuring our Garden Rooms stay warm.  


Every MCD Garden Room is fully insulated. We insulate the floor, walls and roof using 50mm of high spec fiberglass. Our insulation has been tested to a U value of .035. 

Steel Roof

Our Garden Rooms are each finished with a steel roof. We used commercial grade steel for each roof.  A metal ridge cap is fitted to each roof. Preventing any possible moisture damage. 


Guttering is an invaluable addition to each room we fit. Water run off is a matter we have taken time to ensure no pooling of rain affects your room or base.

Laminate Flooring

No room is complete without a stunning floor, each room has reinforced flooring to ensure that no matter what you turn the room into, it is fit for purpose.


Depending on the size of the room, a standard number of points are provided for Lights, Switches and Double sockets. You can’t have a bar without a fridge for iced beers!

Fascia & Skirting

A simple timber building is instantly glamoured with steel fascia to add a pop of colour and strenght to your room! A simple style to make the room stand out!

Don't just take our word for it... listen to our customers

Rated 4.8/5 based on 197 reviews on Google

Ordered a shed as a home office.
The lads turned up first thing in the morning and were very professional and hard working. Delighted with the finish product. Definitely would recommend this service.

J JacksonJ Jackson*****

Received my garden room today , delighted with it, lads came early and it was up in no time , very professional hard workers and a pleasure to deal with. Dealt with Marian who looked after us so well while picking what we wanted and needed . Garden room was made in no time in local village of Naul and Laura took over from here . Everything went smoothly and the communication was excellent . Glad to be able to support local businesses as a lot come in from Scandinavian countries with a 12 weeks wait time .

J CrowsonJ Crowson5 Stars

Ordered a garden room/office from MCD. My order was delivered on the day it was due
Fitted and completed as ordered. Staff were very professional and helpful. I am delighted with the finished produc

N Scanlan N Scanlan 5 Stars

I bought a shed for my previous house from MCD back in early 2020, and was very impressed with the ordering process.
So when it came time to look for a garden office, MCD were the first place I looked.
Again, super impressed. 
The builders arrived at the crack of dawn, and had the office and 1st fix done by lunch time. They were so polite! They even left the garden spotless.
2nd fix electrician followed a week later.
The garden room is so cosy!! Even with the temperature this morning at 2 degrees, the office temperature was approx 13/14, and this afternoon in the sun, went to 21 degrees, all with no heater on since last night. Plus, the sound of silence as you close the doors and windows, which are probably better quality than those on the actual house, is just pure bliss.
Have recommended MCD to others in the past, and will continue to do so going forward!

C DelaneyC Delaney5 Stars

The guys came and installed my new garden office in one day and left the site spotless. The electrician came 2 days later and again were finished 2nd fixing & hooking the office up to the power in the house another great job well done

C SmithC Smith5 Stars
Happy Customers
Years Experience
Awesome Locations

Visualise your dreams in three steps

Step 1

Order Instantly Today

Pick up the phone or email our team today, You only need to pay a 25% deposit today! 

Step 2

Build, Delivery, Fitting

We will Deliver and Fit your garden room on site at your home. 

Step 3

Create Your Dream Space

With our Rooms, you can create a dream space for your home office, gym, garden bar...

Get some inspiration from our installations

Frequently asked questions

Wondering how the sevice works? Confused about anything?

What base should I use?
We strongly recommend a concrete plinth, or a base of Hardcode stone and Eco Blocks

Do I need to pay in full at the time of order?
If you order over the phone, at the time of order we take a 25% deposit then the balance is not due until 7 days before installation, you can however pay a larger deposit or the amount in full at the time of ordering if you prefer.

How can I tell if I have any access restrictions?
Any homes with a side entrance that has no height restricitions generally has no access restrictions. Where our team must go through your house to get to your garden is where we may have issues! Measure your door frame, it needs to be higher than 2.4m for our team to bring it through. Also, let us know if there is any tight turns. This can cause issues for us.

Don't worry, our team can make the panels smaller, we just need to know!

Where can I view these rooms?
Our store in Coldwinters, just off Junction 5, M50 has rooms on display for you to view!

The eircode is D11 VHE1

What are MCD Garden Rooms made of?MCD Garden Rooms are made with high-grade, responsibly sourced pressure treated timber. They feature double-glazed windows and reinforced flooring all as standard. Discover our packages above for more info.

Can I use a MCD Garden Room for any purpose?Yes, MCD Garden Rooms are highly customizable and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a home office, bar, gym, or games room. The possibilities are unlimited!

Are MCD Garden Rooms eco-friendly?Yes, MCD Garden Rooms are eco-friendly, as they are built with responsibly sourced materials and are designed to be highly energy-efficient. 

Read more about our pledge to sustainability! 

Do I need planning permission for a MCD Garden Room?In most cases, MCD Garden Rooms are excluded from planning permission requirements. However, it is always best to check with your local planning authority to ensure compliance.

Read more about the common planning laws here.

What styles of Garden Rooms does MCD offer?We have 2 roof models, Pent and Apex. Along with 2 room models, Cabin and Combo! 

Check our gallery to view them!

What packages does MCD offer for Garden RoomsMCD offers two packages for Garden Rooms: Bronze and Silver. The Bronze package provides a blank canvas for you to finish the interior as you wish, while the Silver package is turnkey and includes almost everything you could want in your build.

What is the rating of MCD Garden RoomsMCD Garden Rooms have a 4.9-star rating on Google and are also stocked in Woodies nationwide, which is a testament to their quality and reliability.

What Makes Us Unique?

MCD Garden Shed's are the leading Garden Rooms manufacturer in Ireland and the UK

No Maintenance Required

Nationwide Delivery & Fitting

10 Year Guarantee

Double Glazed Irish PVC

Made To Measure For Your Home

Planning Permission Rarely Required

Garden Room Installation

Since our company was formed, we have worked on over 20,000 installations in Ireland and the U.K. It's fair to say, we've become experts at our passion! 

Take a look for yourself at some of the bespoke projects we have completed for happy customers! Our reviews don't lie! 

Talk to us today!

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