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Planter Box – Hexagonal


Our team of engineers at MCD Garden Sheds were tasked by Allotment owners to create a visually stunning planter box.

While looking great, our plater box is made from high quality timber that will last the test of the Irish weather.

Add it to your basket to create a visually stunning addition to your garden!
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Our Hexagonal Planter box is designed by Engineers for Gardeners and Allotment Lovers

The MCD Hexagonal Planter Box is hand built by our team of Carpenters. We use pressure treated timber sourced from Scandinavia for all our Planter Boxes. Pressure treating protects wood from rotting for up to 10 years.

Our Hexagonal Planter box measures

  • 30 cm/ 6-10inch height
  • 70 cm/ 28inch width
  • 6-100° internal angle

However, if you require a modified size planter box, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

The Garden Hexagonal Planter Box is made using the highest quality timber. We use 23.5 mm ship lap boards to create the planter box. They are finished with a timber lip around the top to hide the joinery of the planter.

MCD Hexagonal Planter Boxes are a perfect fit for gardens, estates, decks, yards, balconies and roof terraces. The Hexagonal Planter base is elevated from the ground with wooden legs. This warms the soil quicker in winters, allowing air to circulate and helps with drainage.

Our planter boxes are made by engineers who have worked with allotment owners to create garden products that are built to last. These planters have been tested in the toughest and wettest of conditions to ensure they can measure up. Our business started making Garden Sheds for allotment owners. Based on this experience our family business has grown to offer a range of garden furniture that are focused on quality.

Delivery times may vary depending on the product and the time of the year. Our team can assembled and ship this unit on a pallet. For a quote to your location, contact our a member of the MCD Family.

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At MCD Garden Sheds, all our garden sheds are designed by our team of engineers. These engineers ensure a quality product that is designed to stand the test of time.

Our high quality materials include:

  • Fully Pressure Treated Scandinavian Timber
  • Planed 23.5mm Shiplap Boards
  • 75mm x 36mm Framing Throughout
  • Hot Dipped Galvinised nails and screws throughout