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Shed Eco Base


The MCD Eco Shed Base is easily joined to create an exact fit to your shed.

  • Installs easily in minutes
  • Sleek design and style
  • Solid base foundation for your shed

The Eco base is sold in packs of 10
Pay a 25% deposit per item


The MCD Eco Shed Base is a strong plastic frame engineered to give a level base for your garden building.

Bid farewell to the laborious and messy task of laying a concrete foundation for your garden shed. Instead, discover the ingenious Eco Base for Garden Sheds that empowers you to embark on construction swiftly and seamlessly. Seamlessly click together each 1ft by 1ft tile, yielding a robust foundation in record time. This hassle-free solution promptly furnishes the ideal underpinning for your outdoor structure.

Moreover, the Eco Shed Base is meticulously designed for rapid assembly and user-friendly application. It stands as an environmentally-conscious foundation for garden buildings. In lieu of a concrete slab, paving flags, or a wooden base, we wholeheartedly recommend the Eco Base. It conveniently adapts to your MCD shed floor’s precise dimensions, ensuring a level base that facilitates maximum airflow beneath the shed floor. This strategic feature keeps the underside dry and impervious to dampness. Notably, this adaptable solution comfortably accommodates ground level differences of up to 30cm (6-10″, 1ft).

Primary Features:
  • Crafted from recycled material, appealing particularly to environmentally conscious users
  • Swift and straightforward assembly eliminates the need for cement or any other untidy materials
  • Remarkably resistant to rot and moisture
  • Features an interlocking system, guaranteeing a secure and steadfast base
  • Each tile is lightweight, ensuring effortless portability to your desired location

In essence, the Eco Base empowers you to establish a robust and level foundation at a mere fraction of the cost associated with ground leveling and the laying of concrete or paving slabs. The process is straightforward: choose your size by multiplying the width by the depth, then add the area to your basket. The sturdy, durable frame fashioned by this base renders it suitable for laying on both soft and hard ground.

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