Garden Rooms

At MCD Garden Sheds, we specialize in designing, crafting and assembling garden buildings. Our team of engineers, with over 10 years experience, design each garden building. We hand build each garden room in our family work shop in Naul. Providing exceptional quality in all of our builds. We achieve this by using the highest quality timber from Scandinavia. Pressure treating timber ensures it’s protected from rot for up to 10 years. All of our hardware is hot dipped, galvanizing prevents rusting. Not only are MCD Garden Rooms aesthetically pleasing, they’re Built to Last!

Watch our team fit a bespoke Garden Cottage

Our team of expert fitters build your custom built design on site. Installation is included as standard with delivery on all of the MCD Garden Rooms.

This Garden Cottage is fitted with uPVC Windows and Doors. The roof and walls are finished with TGV timber. Our team fitted first and second fix electrics. Like all of our bespoke garden rooms, this cottage is fully insulated. 

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What we use to create a Garden Room that is Built to Last.

Window of Bespoke Custom Built Room

Windows & Doors

We fit double glazed Windows and Doors. The frames are designed using 75mm reinforced uPVC. Giving our window and door structures a U Value between 0.9 and 1.1. Ensuring our Garden Rooms stay warm.  

Insulation of Bespoke Custom Built Room


Every MCD Garden Room is fully insulated. We insulate the floor, walls and roof using 75mm of high spec fiberglass. Our insulation has been tested to a U value of .035. 

Steel Roof of Bespoke Custom Built Room

Steel Roof

Our Garden Rooms are each finished with a steel roof. We used commercial grade steel for each roof.  A metal ridge cap is fitted to each roof. Preventing any possible moisture damage. 

Internal Finish of Bespoke Custom Built Room

Internal Finish

As stanadard, Garden Rooms are finished using TGV timber boards. Our team can install a fully finished interior of plasterboards. Alternatively customers can have a mixture of TGV and Plaster.