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MCD Potting Sheds dublin Ireland. Timber sheds for growing vegetables
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Potting Sheds

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Potting sheds for sale Dublin, Ireland


MCD Potting Sheds are designed with the large windows at the front to give plenty of light to your vegetables, flowers and seedlings, making sure your vegetables and flowers will grow no problem. Timber potting shed comes with timber bench and worktops included and it’s very spacious inside. Potting Shed doors can be opened for more pleasant experience working in the shed on both hot and cooler days. MCD potting sheds are built with fully pressure treated timber and metal roof. Every Gardner and vegetables growing passionate need to have MCD potting shed. Potting sheds are great to grow your vegetables all year round regardless of the weather conditions. Here at MCD garden sheds, we have a massive selection of vegetable growing sheds and potting sheds for sale at low prices. sizes from 6x6ft up to 10x8ft. If you need any type/size of timber shed, storage or security unit please contact us directly 01 841 9976 or send us a message HERE

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