Sustainability & Community

A poster of sustainable sourced logs with an overlay of Sustainabilty and how MCD uses such timber to build their sheds

At MCD Garden Sheds, we’re serious about Sustainability. We have a number of tactics we use. This ensures we can back up our claims of being a eco minded business.

Sustainable FSC Timber

Our first is that we use FSC Timber for all of our builds. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified timber is wood that has been certified as being sustainably harvested and managed. Some of the benefits of using FSC certified timber include:

  1. Environmental benefits: FSC certification ensures that the forest is managed in a way that protects the environment, including protecting biodiversity and water resources.
  2. Social benefits: FSC certification ensures that the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities are respected and that workers are treated fairly.
  3. Economic benefits: FSC certification can help to create economic incentives for responsible forest management, which can contribute to the long-term economic viability of forests.
  4. Peace of mind: You can rest assured that your new purchase came from ethically sourced materials

Overall, the use of FSC certified timber can contribute to the sustainable management of forests. Which is important for the long-term health of these ecosystems. The many benefits they provide, including clean air, water, and habitat for wildlife.

Ending Unnescessary Packaging

In terms of Packaging, unlike other Garden Shed companies, we have no packaging. Our sheds are delviered by our fitters, in our own trucks.

As we continue to grow our company, we have huge plans to bring our goals to life. Check back here regularly to get an idea of where we are! This means for our Sheds, there no box, no shrink wrap and no packing peanut or styrofoam protection. It simply doesn’t need it.

For the fourth year in a row, Ireland generated over 1 million tonnes of packaging waste. This accounts for one third of all waste collected from households and businesses. Therefore at MCD, we feel is it super umportant in doing our bit to avoid unnessecary packaging.

Supporting sustainability in the community

Sustainability is often seen as just a physical environmental item rather than seeing the community as part of our environment. At MCD, we impact our community in multiple ways.

Firstly as a team, we are a diverse and inclusive team. Seeing staff members not only from Ireland, but from the entire other side of the globe. Thanks to our hard work in creating complex designs using simple tools, the barrier to entry in our company is low. Allowing us to employ people from all walks of life!

Secondly we enrich our community through sponsorship! Balbriggan Cricket Club and Clann Mhuire GAA both receive sponsorship funding from MCD Home and Garden Group. Allowing them to help youth and adults in our area to continue their journey in sport!

Sustainability in the Community - MCD Manager Luke with the Balbriggan Cricket Club team
Our Marketing Manager Luke, Celebrating with the Club on their Premiership League Win.

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