Why are Timber Prices Increasing

At MCD Garden Sheds, we are a company directly impacted when timber prices increase. Here we hope to explain how this going to affect our customers. We will explain some of the wider challenges facing both us and the industry as a whole.

Whether you are a garden shed company, carpenter, builder, sawmill, or involved in the construction industry, the odds are you will use timber. Timber is a commodity that takes time to grow, but it’s demand and uses are endless. For MCD Garden Sheds, we use high quality pressure treated wood in every single garden shed. Without our wood, our company name and business would just not work. Similarly, we employ many carpenters, who are skilled workers of this amazing resource.

However, it is a resource. During the covid lockdown period, nearly every country saw their construction sector close. Many countries then invested money to kickstart their economies upon reopening, which in turn caused a surge in construction. The result saw a surge in demand for wood from many countries all at once. China kick started the demand, then the US and now Europe are having an increase in demand.

Prices are going up, but do we not have wood in Ireland?

In Ireland, timber prices have increased considerably. There are many ongoing challenges with our internal market. Many of our lumber companies are having challenges obtaining felling licences. Internationally, wood is a commodity that takes over a decade to materialise are usable timber. This has caused many challenges for everyone involved in the wood and forestry sector.

Prices are increasing, but how does it affect a Garden Shed?

At MCD Garden Sheds, we buy our wood from lumber mills in Scandinavia. This ensures we can buy the best quality wood at the most competitive rates. The catch is that we are dealing directly with the global wood market. As soon as the global market changes, we see the effects immediately, however many of our smaller competitors will have a time lag of up to a couple of months, meaning if you order now their price may increase last minute.

Along with the high prices there is also now an extremely low supply. This in turn is causing a supply challenge. This supply challenge has seen lead times increase sharply. For some companies, they have been unable to fulfill orders and many construction project have been delayed.

What are MCD Garden Sheds doing to protect our Customers who order?

At MCD Garden Sheds, we are currently forward buying wood as far ahead as we can. Similar to how Ryanair buy their fuel, we are working on ordering wood now for customers that are presently ordering their garden shed with us, as opposed to some competitors who are only ordering wood today for orders due to be delivered to their customers in the next couple of weeks. The result of this ensures that we can guarantee our customers that their shed will be delivered, no matter how little wood there may be at the time or how long it may take to get delivered. We are here for our customers.

Have MCD Garden Sheds Prices Increased?

We have increased our Garden Shed prices in line with market rates. Our current prices are unlikely to change for the immediate future. We are doing everything possible to protect our customers from future increases. To view our latest prices, see our full product range below.

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